Modern Trends and Challenges in Regulatory Compliance

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9 June at 4-00 p.m.

На вебинаре вы узнаете
Влияние пандемии на промышленный сектор и новые стратегии продвижения.
Как теперь проводить анализ рынков, что важно замечать?
Какой опыт мы можем извлечь из кризиса для эффективной работы?
Кейс Марии Бородкиной LexisNexis
Кейс от «Объединенные машиностроительные заводы»
During the webinar we will discuss:
Expansion of the compliance function
Implementation of modern technologies in the regulatory and supervisory authorities
Anti-corruption compliance and AML/CFT
Due diligence when entering foreign markets and participating in major projects
Growing transparency of the global economy and identification of the ultimate beneficial owner
Why is UBO Check important?

In order to prevent them from doing business with criminal parties, financial service providers, all companies operating internationally, are obliged to draw up a UBO declaration establishing the identity of a UBO or the Ultimate beneficiary, depending on the country they are doing business in.

General Director
LexisNexis Russia & Eastern Europe

Gandolfo Iacono is the CEO of LexisNexis Russia/CIS & Eastern Europe with 20 years international experience maturated in the USA, the Netherlands and Russia. After finishing his study in Italy and USA in International Trade started his career at LexisNexis till to became CEO. Mr. Gandolfo Iacono is writing articles in professional compliance and legal journals, he is a very welcomed speaker in many conferences in Russia and abroad. He has lately launched special webinars with partners for sharing experience of usage AI and Big Data- all information is presented in the official website.

Mr. Gandolfo Iacono is interested in studying new information technologies applied to risk control procedures, he is interested in the latest developments in the fields of compliance, PR, patents and legal products. He actively applies his knowledge in the operational management of business processes.

Prof. Dr. Eduard Ivanov
Adviser, visiting professor at the International Anti-Corruption Academy (Austria), the DIREITO GV (Brazil), the University of Nice (France) and the NRU HSE (Russia).
Eduard Ivanov has many years of experience in providing consultancy and training on AML/CFT and anti-corruption compliance for global financial institutions and companies. In 2005-2008, he was co-chair of the Working Group on Typologies in the Eurasian Group on Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (EAG) and member of the FATF Working Group on Typologies. Eduard Ivanov has more than 70 publications on AML/CFT, anti-corruption and compliance. Mr. Ivanov was a speaker in international conferences organized by the UNODC, the OECD, the OSCE and the FATF.

This webinar is meant for:
Heads of compliance and risk-solutions departments
Heads of the Legal Department
Directors of the Legal Advisory Service
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